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Poecilocharax bovalii

Poecilocharax bovalii Tetra

Poecilocharax bovalii are found only in the Potaro River in Guyana up to Kaieteur Falls. They are exceptionally rare to tropical fish keeping enthusiasts and are difficult to maintain when available.

Poecilocharax bovalii are a shy, fast moving, bottom dwelling species that inhabit slow moving blackwater forest ponds where they feed on a variety of small aquatic invertebrates and insects.   In their natural environment they are found among decaying organic matter over soil or sandy bottoms that are usually littered with branches, sunken driftwood, and leaves in various states of decay.

Apistogramma, Characidium, Copella, Moenkhausia, Hemigrammus, Fluviphylax, and gobies are also commonly found in these conditions.

Poecilocharax bovalii

Poecilocharax bovalii

Male Poecilocharax bovalii grow to a length of 1.5″ to 1.75″, are more brightly colored, and have significantly increased dorsal and anal fins.

Their body shape somewhat resembles that of a goby or a Killy fish that has more developed and colored dorsal and anal fins than the females. Females are smaller, fuller in the body and much more pale than males.

In an aquarium environment, Poecilocharax bovalii require very soft acidic water (pH below 6) that is totally free from nitrates.    Their water must by aerated, highly filtered (preferably with a peat filter), and frequently changed to keep them free from disease.

Male Poecilocharax bovalii are shy but somewhat pugnacious and should be housed in a large densely planted aquarium with plenty of hiding places and a fine dark sand, or mixed sand and earth substrate .

They do best in a biotope setting with plenty of leaf litter on the bottom for them to hide among and feed, some driftwood branches, and a moderate degree of water movement.   If possible 8 to 10 specimens should be housed together and although they lead a very private life, they will get along with other calm peaceful species like Apistogramma, small catfish and some of the smaller toothcarps.

Feeding Poecilocharax bovalii can be difficult.   They require live foods and should be fed a diet of small crustaceans, live brine shrimp, live bloodworms, etc.   They will not eat foods that are not moving.

Nothing is known about the breeding habits of this species.

Poecilocharax bovallii is almost never available to tropical fish keeping enthusiasts.   Usually any specimens obtained are as a bycatch with shipments of tetras from Guyana, Brazil.

Poecilocharax bovalii

Poecilocharax bovalii





Minimum Tank Size: 25 gallons
Care Level: Very Difficult
Temperament: Peaceful, Shy
Aquarium Hardiness: Delicate
Water Conditions: 73-80° F, dH 2-8, pH 5.5-7.0
Max Size: 1.9”
Color Form: Brown, Black
Diet: Carnivore
Compatibility: Single species biotope
Origin: Potaro River, Guyana
Family: Crenuchidae
Lifespan: 3-4 years
Aquarist Experience Level: Advanced

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