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School of Mono Sebae (Monodactylus sebae)

Mono Sebae (Monodactylus sebae)

Mono Sebae (Monodactylus sebae) are collected from the mangrove swamps and estuaries of West Africa, Gambia, the Canary Islands and Senegal to Angola.

Mono Sebae are found in fresh, brackish, and marines environments and are also known to tropical fish keeping enthusiasts as the African Moony. Guinean Fingerfish, Rambali Finger Fish, Mono, and African Mono

Mono Sebae (Monodactylus sebae)

Mono Sebae (Monodactylus sebae)

The Mono Sebae has a flat, diamond shaped body with a larger anal fin than it’s close relative, Mono Argentus.

Mono Sebae are silver with a black line covering the eyes, a second line coming down from the front of the dorsal fin behind the gill plate to the front of the anal fin, and another line coming down from the tip of the dorsal fin to the rear tip of the anal fin.   Juveniles exhibit a tinge of yellow on the dorsal fin which fades with age.

Their coloration and general health can be maximized by gradually changing their environment from brackish to saltwater as the fish grow older.

Mono Sebae grow large and as adults require an aquarium of at least 125 gallons.   Smaller specimens are frequently kept in freshwater, but as they grow and mature, they should gradually be converted to a higher water salinity in a larger tank.

Monos can be kept with other brackish water fish such as Puffers, Scats, Dragon Gobies, other Monos, and Archer Fish.   The tank should dimly lit with an aragonite sand or gravel substrate, and decorated with rocks and plants (such as mangroves) that thrive in brackish water environments.

Except for the fact that Mono Sebae are egg layers and spawn in a marine environment, little is known about the differences between sexes and their breeding habits.

Mono Sebae eat fish, shrimp, zooplankton and a great deal of vegetable matter in the wild.   In an aquarium environment they should be fed dried seaweed, dried Spirulina, lettuce, brine shrimp and a high quality omnivore flake food.

Monodactylus sebae are usually available to tropical fish keeping enthusiasts and are moderately priced.   When available for purchase they are usually juveniles at a size of 1-1/2″ to 2-1/2″.

Mono Sebae (Monodactylus sebae)

Mono Sebae (Monodactylus sebae)









Minimum Tank Size: 125 gallons
Care Level: Moderate
Temperament: Peaceful
Aquarium Hardiness: Moderately Hardy
Water Conditions: 75-82° F, KH 8-12, pH 7.2-8.4
Salinity: 1.006
Max. Size: 10″
Color Form: Silver, Black
Diet: Omnivore
Compatibility: Multiple species brackish water tank
Origin: Coastal West Africa
Family: Monodactylidae
Life Span: 7 years
Aquarist Experience Level: Intermediate

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