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Tropical Fish Keeping – Loaches

Loaches are shy, active scavengers that are frequently kept by tropical fish keeping enthusiasts in community aquariums to help clean up the botton of the tank.

They are semi aggressive, easy to keep, generally peaceful, and spend almost all of their time rooting around the bottom of the aquarium looking for tidbits of food.

In their natural habitats, several loach species prefer swimming in schools with their own kind, and many of these loaches will degrade and literally pine away from lonliness when they are kept by themselves in a community tank..

Because some Loaches are semi aggressive when they are kept alone in a community tank, they will sometimes begin to chase other fish around the tank.

To minimize this behavior, add a few more loaches to the tank. They are best kept in groups of 6 or more fish.

The loaches are some of the most interesting, colorful, beautiful and entertaining fish you can add to an large community tank.

Some of the more popular loach species are listed below with links to more detailed information.

At least a few of these loaches should be added to your aquarium with catfish, to “police” the bottom of your tank.

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