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Blue Sapphire Damselfish (Chrysiptera springeri)

Blue Sapphire Damselfish (Chrysiptera cf. springeri)

Blue Sapphire Damselfish (Chrysiptera springeri)

Blue Sapphire Damselfish (Chrysiptera springeri)

The Blue Sapphire Damselfish (Chrysiptera springeri) known to tropical fish keeping enthusiasts as the Springeri Damsel, Springer’s Damselfish, Springers Demoiselle, or Royal Blue Damselfish is found in the Western Pacific Ocean, where it occurs in the tropical waters of Indonesia (Moluccas, Flores, Halmahera), the Philippines, and the Solomon Islands.

Blue Sapphire Damselfish are frequently found in small groups along with a similar yellow tailed damsel species over scattered patches corals on the outer coastal reef slopes at depths from 13 to over 100 feet.

Adult Blue Sapphire Damselfish prefer shallower sheltered lagoons and inshore coral reefs with sandy substrates and rich growths of Acropora corals.

Blue Sapphire Damselfish (Chrysiptera springeri)

Blue Sapphire Damselfish (Chrysiptera springeri) Solomon Is.,

Chrysiptera springeri originating within the Solomon Islands are an all blue form that have a brilliant blue body color, a clear tail, black outlined fins, and some scribbly markings on the head. This species is able to turn completely black when stressed, which allows them to evade predation.

A nearly black form of Blue Sapphire Damselfish with incredible blue markings and scribbles on the flank, a light

Blue Sapphire Damselfish (Chrysiptera springeri)

Blue Sapphire Damselfish (Chrysiptera springeri) Philippines

blue outline to the body and fins, and star like blue spots on the head from the Philippine and Molucca Islands also exists. This yet undescribed species is closely related to Chrysiptera springeri and is in the process of getting a name of its own.

Although males in breeding condition appear to have brighter colors, sexual dimorphism is difficult to distinguish with both forms.

Blue Sapphire Damselfish are a semi aggressive species that can be housed in a mature reef tank of at least 30 gallon capacity with a sand substrate, plenty of live rock arranged into crevices, holes, overhangs and caves for them to hide among, and growths of Acropora corals. They become aggressive with peaceful slow moving reef inhabitants but are reef safe with corals and invertebrates.   Adults become more territorial but can be housed with other more peaceful damsel species in a larger reef tank when introduced at the same time. In a large FOLR tank with plenty of live rock and swimming area, its advisable to keep either a single specimen, a proven pair, or a large odd numbered shoal of at least 9 or more juveniles. Smaller groups will suffer individual fatalities.

Although Chrysiptera springeri have not been bred in an aquarium environment; they are being bred on a small commercial scale basis.

Like Blue Velvet Damselfish (Paraglyphidodon oxyodon)   Blue Sapphire Damselfish form distinct pairs when spawning. Male damselfish typically establish a territory and prepare a cleaned surface of rubble or coral for females to deposit their adhesive, demersal eggs. Once the eggs are laid the male quickly fertilizes them and will aggressively defend them from any intruders. The fertilized eggs are aerated by the male until they are hatched out.  The tiny hatched larvae drift away with the current as plankton, feeding on the other zooplankton and phytoplankton until they eventually settle to the bottom.

In their natural environment, Springeri Damsels are omnivores that feed mainly on plankton and zooplankton in the water column, algae, and small benthic crustaceans.   In an aquarium environment with plenty of live rock; they thrive on a diet of frozen omnivore preparations, marine algae, brine shrimp, Krill, Mysis, omnivore flakes, and Zooplankton.   Springer’s Damsels are voracious eaters of Flatworms and are purchased by many tropical fish keeping enthusiasts to eliminate them from their reef tanks.   These damsels should be fed small portions three times per day.

Both forms of Blue Sapphire Damselfish (Chrysiptera cf. springeri) from the Solomon Islands and Indonesia are hardy, inexpensive, and not overly difficult to acquire from tropical fish shops and a plethora of online sources at approximate purchase sizes of 3/4″ to 1-1/2″. Both forms are currently being sold as (Chrysiptera springeri).

Blue Sapphire Damselfish (Chrysiptera springeri)

Blue Sapphire Damselfish (Chrysiptera springeri)






Minimum Tank Size: 30 gallons
Aquarium Type: Reef (With Caution) or FOLR
Care Level: Easy
Temperament: Semi Aggressive
Aquarium Hardiness: Very Hardy
Water Conditions: 72-82°F, dKH 8 to 12 , pH 8.1 – 8.4, sg 1.020-1.025
Max. Size: 2.3″
Color Form: Blue, Black
Diet: Carnivore
Compatibility: Reef
Origin: Indonesia, Philippines, Eastern Asia
Family: Pomacanthidae
Lifespan: 5 – 6 years
Aquarist Experience Level: Beginner

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