Gold Gourami (Trichogaster trichopterus)

Gold Gourami (Trichogaster trichopterus) along with other mutations, are a color variant of Three Spot Gourami (Trichopodus trichopterus) that were developed for tropical fish keeping enthusiasts during the 1970s.   Gold Gourami are also known to tropical fish keeping enthusiasts as the Crosby Gourami after the breeder who developed the morph.   It was further mutated into the Opaline Gourami (Marbled Gourami) and the silver colored Platinum Gourami, which also appeared during the 70s.

Like all gourami, Gold Gourami posses a labyrinth organ that allows them to breathe atmospheric air to survive in stagnant waters with low oxygen content and in an aquarium environment, they should always have access to the surface of the aquarium to take a gulp of air when needed.

Gold Gourami (Trichogaster trichopterus)

Gold Gourami (Trichogaster trichopterus)

Gold Gourami are an elongated, laterally compressed species with long, touch sensitive, threadlike ventral fins that are used to “feel” their surroundings.   Their fins are relatively large and rounded, with males having more pointed dorsal and anal fins than females.

The body color is a pretty gold tone with deeper toned stripe pattern along the back of the fish.   The two dark spots normally seen on Three Spot Gourami are totally absent on this morph and the white spots on the body that extend to the fins give the fish an exceptionally attractive body pattern.

Except for their disposition and their strikingly different gold coloring, Gold Gourami grow to the same size and require the same care as their predecessors.   As juveniles, they make excellent community fish with others of their same size, but their temperament becomes more belligerent as they attain adulthood.  Because they are exceptionally hardy and long lived, they make a great “first fish” for tropical fish keeping enthusiasts new to the hobby.

Gold Gourami are best kept in a densely planted tank of at least 30 gallons with a dark sandy or fine gravel substrate, some rock work and driftwood for them to hide among, and plenty of free swimming space.   They like the cover of floating plants, but they will regularly breath air at the surface, so its important to have some open areas.   They are tolerant of wide range of water parameters but do best with little to no water movement, and an adequate filtration system.

Gold Gourami are bubble nest builders that are relatively easy to breed.   The breeding tank water level should be lowered to about 6″ to 8″ and the temperature should be raised to about 80 degrees F.   The male will build a bubble nest at the surface of the water and when ready to breed will entice the female to spawn by repeatedly swimming back and forth under the nest with his tail raised and fins flared.   The male will wrap himself around the female and fertilize up to 800 eggs during a single spawn.  As the female lays her eggs, the male places them into the nest where he guards them until they hatch.

It is recommend to remove the female from the spawning tank immediately after spawning is completed.   The eggs will hatch within 48 hours and the fry will become free swimming shortly thereafter.   Remove the male from the tank and place a tight cover over the aquarium to ensure the proper development of the labyrinth organs in the fry.  The fry should be fed liquid fry food or infusoria until they are large enough to eat baby brine shrimp.

Gold Gourami are omnivorous and will eat all kinds of live, frozen, freeze dried, and flake foods.   To keep a good balance, give them a quality flake or pellet food as a base diet and supplement it with white worms, blood worms, brine shrimp, or any other suitable substitute.   Blanched vegetables can also be offered occasionally.

Interestingly, Gold Gourami, Three Spot Gourami, and Pearl Gourami are all fond of eating hydra and will quickly rid your system of a hydra infestation in your aquarium.   The hydra is a tiny tentacled, venomous pest that can capture and paralyze tiny fry and very small fish in your aquarium.

Gold Gourami are readily available at most tropical fish shops at reasonable prices when they are 1 1/2″ to 2 1/2″ in size.

Gold Gourami (Trichogaster trichopterus)

Gold Gourami (Trichogaster trichopterus)








Minimum Tank Size: 20 gallons
Care Level: Easy
Temperament: Peaceful to Semi Aggressive
Aquarium Hardiness: Very Hardy
Water Conditions: 72-82° F, KH 4-18, pH 6.0-8.8
Max Size: 6″
Color Form: Gold
Diet: Omnivore
Compatibility: OK community tank fish
Origin: Southeast Asia
Family: Belontiidae
Lifespan: 4-8 years
Aquarist Experience Level: Easy

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