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MBIPIA LUTEA (Mbipia cf. Lutea)

MBIPIA LUTEA (Mbipia cf. Lutea) Pair

MBIPIA LUTEA (Mbipia cf. Lutea) is a beautiful endangered Hap species that may already be extinct in Lake Victoria.    It is endemic to Lake Victoria where it has been collected from the western park of Speke Gulf and also from the Sengerema region, in Tanzania.   Mbipia Lutea are a shallow water species that frequent gently sloping rocky shorelines in depths of up to 7 feet.

In their natural habitat, Mbipia cf. Lutea are polygamous maternal mouth brooders that feed primarily on algae and vegetable matter. Because they are an endangered speciesi, the main source of Mbipia cf. Lutea for tropical fish keeping enthusiasts is from captive bred specimens.

MBIPIA LUTEA (Mbipia cf. Lutea)

Mbipia cf. Lutea have dark vertical stripes with a less prominent horizontal stripe along the lateral line. They have patches of orange/peach on the body and tail, and an aqua dorsal and anal fin tinged with orange/red.   Three egg marks on the anal fins and a vertical bar that goes through the eye. Females have the same striping pattern but are much less colorful than males.

The male’s spectacularly bright colors are most prominently displayed during the breeding season.

Mbipia cf. Lutea are best kept in at least a 40 gallon aquarium with a sand or fine gravel substrate with stacked rocks situated into cave like hiding places. Although plants are not necessary in this typical rocky Victorian type setup, Mbipia cf. Lutea will appreciate a piece or two of African Driftwood in their tank.

Even though MBIPIA LUTEA (Mbipia cf. Lutea) are small cichlids, they are aggressive to others of their own species, particularly during breeding.   When housing one male with a small harem of 3 to 4 or more females, a tank size of at least 65 gallon capacity is highly recommended.

If housed in a community environment, they do best with other Lake Victorian cichlids of approximately the same size.

A wet/dry trickle filter or canister type filtration system along with a small power head and regular water changes is recommended to maintain the necessary water quality for this species.

MBIPIA LUTEA are polygamous substrate spawners that are relatively easy to breed in an aquarium environment, provided that male aggression is kept in check. When ready to breed, the male will hollow out a pit in the substrate and actively court any ripe females in the tank. The females care for the offspring and will hold the fry for approximately 2 weeks. Because these fish are so hard on each other, isolation is highly recommended.

Feed the fry very small foods such as finely crushed flakes, Hikari First Bites, baby brine shrimp, or a commercial herbivore fry food.

The fry of this species are also highly aggressive so it is advisable to grow them out in a large tank of at least 55 gallons to allow for larger territories. The fry begin to develop coloration at a very young age.   Females of 1.25 inches can hold 10 fry or more.

MBIPIA LUTEA are herbivores that in their natural habitat primarily feed on algae and other vegetable matter. In an aquarium environment, they do well on an omnivorous diet of spirulina based flakes, an appropriately size pellet, fresh spinach, romaine lettuce, and fresh, frozen, or freeze dried brine shrimp fed as an occasional “treat”.

Because of their endangered status, MBIPIA LUTEA (Mbipia cf. Lutea) are not common in the aquarium trade to tropical fish keeping enthusiasts however, they are available from breeders through on line cichlid forums and specialty fish shops.

MBIPIA LUTEA (Mbipia cf. Lutea)







Minimum Tank Size: 40 gallons
Care Level: Difficult
Temperament: Aggressive
Aquarium Hardiness: Hardy
Water Conditions: 72-80°F, dH 12> , pH 7.2-8.4
Max. Size: Males 4″
Color Form: Red, Orange, Aqua, Yellow
Diet: Herbivore
Compatibility: Single species or Victoria community
Origin: Lake Victoria, Africa
Family: Cichlidae
Lifespan: 4-10 years
Aquarist Experience Level: Advanced

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