PK - Plakat

PK is another term that is used  to describe short finned Bettas.

The term plakat comes from the Thai word Plakad which means fighting fish.

The plakad can be either  wild caught fish or Bettas bred in captivity.

The wild caught fish originated from the numerous rice patties in Thailand and Southeast Asia where they were originally bred for their figting abilities.

The qualities bred into Plakats are strong bodies, large jaws, and small fins.  When paired with another male to fight, the small fin fighters suffer less damage than the Bettas with longerr fins.

In Thailand, both the long finned and short fined bettas are called Plakat Thai. They refer to the short finned specifically as Plakat Morh and the common long finned variety as Plakat Cheen which translates to “Fighting fish from China.”